Saturday, January 25, 2014

Misguided Eye Liner Applications: And Tales of Make up Gone Wrong

Ok.. I desperately want to encourage women to rethink the black eye liner on the inside of your lower lids. It has such huge potential to look sooooo awful. There is a time and place for this sort of look. With 'appropriate' complimenting make up to the rest of the face and a corresponding 'appropriate' occasion.. this look can be amaze-balls. But the vast majority of what I see is just plain wrong and Fugly (F-ing Ugly; for those who are just joining the 21st century).

This very kind blogger person has taken the time to enlighten some very misguided people on appropriate make up application. No offense intended to the perpetrators of this ungodly, crime to the entire female gender.. but let's get our act together ladies. Here is some great advice on the subject (see the link below)... and please go wash your face immediately :D


1 comment:

  1. I never put eyeliner on my lower lids!
    That makes me fashion-forward, right? :D