Friday, September 12, 2014

Chris Pratt To Host Season Premiere of SNL

It has just been announced that Chris Pratt will host the Saturday Night Live's 40th season premiere and Star Lord fans couldn't be happier!  If you haven't seen Guardian's Of The Galaxy yet then get off your laptop and get to a theater ASAP! You may also recognize him from the T.V. show Parks and Recreation where he was slightly more 'soft' and 'rotund'. Hey.. I say more to love!

For his role as Star Lord he basically went from looking like this:

To looking like THIS:

Saweet Baby Jesus on Christmas morning.... that is pretty amazing!

Some people don't realize this but he's also married to the cute and super funny Anna Faris! (and they have wee one!)  She's known for movies such as The House Bunny, Just Friends (two of my favourites) and Scary Movie!

Be sure to tune in to NBC on Saturday, September 27th for the SNL premiere with musical guest Ariana Grande.