Friday, October 17, 2014

Top 9 London Fall 2014 Fashion Trends

Having just spent a week in London, England on my honeymoon one of the biggest differences I took notice of was their unique, trendy and effortless sense of Fashion. Hailing from the small Canadian University town Kingston, Ontario, I wasn't overly surprised by this noticeable difference in Fashion ;)

Here are the Top 9 Fashion trends that I noticed while frolicking about in London Town... Enjoy!

1. One of the first differences I noticed was the opposing color pallets in style. There was definitely a palpable sense that "Black is the new Black" in the U.K. Most clothing, even the denim, was all black.

2. One specific trend I noticed was black denim jeans with a single horizontal slit at each knee, so that when walking the viewer is given these quick little flashes of white, exposed skin with each stride. It was extremely rare to see anyone wearing blue jeans, and upon noticing this I avoided wearing the one pair I brought with me as to avoid any embarrassing "fashion victim tourist" labeling. lol

3. In contrast to the love of all things 'dark and mysterious', there was an abundance of these cotton candy-like, pastel Pinks and Blues often seen in the form of large, over sized, soft textured coats and fluffy, cropped sweaters and jackets.

4. The color Grey was another huge Fall Fashion trend I witnessed on the downtown streets of London. From large, over sized coats and soft, cashmere sweaters to well tailored, wool skirts and trousers, the Grey color scheme was in full effect.

5. Another surprising street fashion trend was in the absence of stilettos and high-heeled shoes. I did see some very lovely chic, sophisticated black pumps from time to time, but mostly the footwear of choice were lower heeled or flat ankle boots, riding boots or simple ballet flats. I occasionally saw young women wearing these incredibly thick, chunky rubber soled shoes, sometimes with shoes laces, that mostly resembled athletic foot wear.

Interestingly enough, most times these 'high fashion athletic shoes' were paired with dresses, skirts and outfits that you would naturally would think to pair with a sleek stiletto. Like seen here:

6. Leather motorcycle jackets are definitely very popular and were seen paired with a wide variety of different looks. Sometimes these jackets were worn with black denim pants and ankle booties or dressed up with more chic and sophisticated ensembles.

7. Scarfs were very commonly seen on the local London women. This is definitely one of the key components to nailing the "UK Look".

8. Another popular trend is large, over sized coats, ponchos, capes and cardigans to keep sophisticated London women warm and cozy while they're out making Fashion headlines!

9. Another huge Fashion trend in London is the pairing of thick, black nylons with either twirly, short skirts or basic, tailored short-shorts.

Well... there you have it! Go out ladies and get yourself some of these hot, trendy "London Looks" and feel like the International Woman of Mystery that you ARE!! :)